March 15, 2005 // by admin

World’s smallest violin Why are our brothers the mujaheddin denounced?  Those who left their countries, their wives and children, and sacrificed their blood, all to protect your honor and expel the invaders from your land? — From Zurwat al-Sanam (Top of the Camel’s Hump), the catchily-titled internet magazine published by Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia. (Robert F. Worth, New […]

The Arab street turns another corner

March 14, 2005 // by admin

  It was only a matter of time:  anti-jihadist protests breaking out in Baghdad.  If the Iraqis hold true to often-quoted Arab proverb–“the enemy of my enemy is my friend”–are we about to see a “street”-change in their attitudes toward the U.S.? (Credit:  Instapundit) And this looks like encouraging news from Egypt. But just in case you were wondering […]

Without a prayer

March 12, 2005 // by admin

  From the AP:  “Thirty Muslims walked off the job at a Dell Inc. plant after alleging the company refused to let them pray at sunset.” Hopefully, this is one of those quarrels involving foreign cultural and religious traditions that American democracy somehow always works out in the end–like the minor dust-up in New York last […]

No turbans in government

March 12, 2005 // by admin

  We neither want to establish a religious nor a secular state in Iraq, we want a state that respects the identity of the Iraqi people and the identities of others — Shia political official Ali al-Dabagh, quoted by AP’s Rawya Rageh Writes Mr. Rageh: Kurds and alliance officials said both sides agreed that Iraq would […]


March 12, 2005 // by admin

Stern rebuke Here is a great story involving a German blogger and his successful effort to force Germany’s Der Stern magazine to correct its reporting on the Giuliana Sgrena incident.  Another victory for the Blogosphere. * What political ideology has killed over 100 million people worlwide, but the EU refuses to ban its symbol?  Hint:  it’s not National Socialism. […]

No Sympathy for the Devil

March 11, 2005 // by admin

  So you’re thinking of a career in magic?  Better read first what yesterday’s Gulf Times has to say about what it takes to sell your soul to Satan. And if that didn’t persuade you, read the rest here. * “How cool would it be to gain ‘trusted user’ status on a CIA blog?” Pretty cool, I’d say.  […]


March 10, 2005 // by admin

Free to be illiberal Iraqi society is tribal, Islamic and very conservative.  Most people don’t feel ownership to the existing secular famiily law, and we must change it to follow shari’a.  Forcing secularism on our society is also a form of dictatorship. — Women’s rights activist Fatima Yaqoub, as quoted by the Wall Street Journal’s Farnaz Fassihi First, a […]

Islam’s Rosa Parks moment?

March 10, 2005 // by admin

Islam’s Rosa Parks moment? * None dare speak its name This is a real shame.  Just compare how often Islam is connected to terrorism and how seldom it is linked to women’s rights.  The discussion is certainly skewed. — Dutch parliament member–and fugitive from Isalmist death threats–Aayan Hirsi Ali, on the fact that the parliament of Strasbourg, France, […]

Less bling for the buck

March 8, 2005 // by admin

  A country that is now aspiring to an “ownership society” will not find happiness in–and I’ll use hyperbole here for emphasis–a “sharecropper’s society.”  But that’s precisely what our trade policies, supported by Republicans and Democrats alike, are taking us. — Warren Buffet, in a letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders.  Noting that if the trade deficit […]