Canadians against suicide bombing

March 16, 2005 // by admin

Canadians against suicide bombing.  I can’t tell how old this petition is, or vouch for the sponsoring organization, but it’s still nice to see that our northern neighbors are more than just self-righteous puck-brained, maple syrup-slurping anti-American moralizing ingrates.  Irshad Manji, of course, excepting.


Headline, Financial TimesTuesday, March 15, 2005:

White House quiet as Darfur killings go on

Debate is focusing on whether the U.S. is unable or unwilling to end the conflict

Not England, not the EU.  Not China, the number one importer of Sudanese oil; not Russia, Sudan’s premier weapons provider.  Not even France–well, of course not even France.  No, when trouble–serious, this-is-genocide trouble–erupts in the world, who do you call?  Not England, not the EU, not China…

That ol’ hegemonic, imperialistic, neo-colonial, Kyoto Protocol ignoring environment destroying war-mongering–did I say racist?–globalizing rogue nation, the United States of America.  Let’s hope the sheriff exerts some authority.


Back on the “babes of democracy” front, Michael Totten, by way of Instapundit (you don’t need a link there, do you?) has a nice round-up of Beirut rally photographs, both for and against Assad.  Check out the comments: I particularly like the Lord of the Rings reference.


At last, Saudi women–gaining their own identities!  Sort of.

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