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As I recover from a slight cold and watch Manhattan dig out from last night’s snowstorm, I’m checking out–and so should you:

Amsterdammed Opinionated, where Myrtus, the self-described “Berber for Bush,” links us to a discussion of women and Sufism.

The evidently Sunni Baghdad Dweller, who raises some questions–and offers accompanying pics–regarding the Shia’t Ali.

Heretical Librarian, where David Durant offers a nice overview on “signs of change in the Arab world:”  From your blog to Allah’s eyes, David.

Hyscience, who links us to a Newsweek story about how the “noose is tightening” around the Z-Man.  I had to double-check the date on the story;  it seems we hear this report once a week.

Ninecharlie reminds us of another reason, along with Arthur Chrenkoff and Mad Max, why we love the Aussies.

And this is interesting, if true, from Regime Change in Iran.

Stocks or ballots in Saudi Arabia?  And maybe the answer to this question is–lucrative contract kickbacks and other forms of construction hanky-panky?

Finally, ABC News asks the questions that has perplexed me (and what on earth is a 49 year old doing heading up his fan club, anyway?)

Speaking of ABC News–if UFOs are real, why hasn’t one ever malfunctioned or crash-landed?

Thought for the day:

To believe in our own thoughts, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men–that is genius.

— Emerson, Self-Reliance

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