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Don’t it just make you yearn for the good old days?  Now, lest you think you’ve linked to James Lileks by mistake, I thought I’d make a point by posting these images of Cap punchin’ Adolph’sschnozzola (interestingly enough, this comic book came out in February 1941–10 months before Pearl Harbor) and Bugs doing a short-arm inspection of Hermann Goering.  Given that an older generation had no trouble lampooning their fascist enemies, we have to ask ourselves, Where are the similar yucks today? 

Surely you’d think that people who plot terrorist attacks in caves, declare anyone who votes in Iraq’s elections to be an “infidel”, force women to walk around in polyester bags and chain the imaginations of millions to a code of law and behavior already out of date 10 centuries ago are ripe for ridicule and satire. Yeah, you’d think. But except for Team America, you’d be wrong.

Here’s the Koran on the proper Islamic attitude toward those giving the religion a tickle in the ribs:

If you question them, they will say:  “We were only jesting and making merry.”  Say:  “Would you mock God, His revelations, and His apostle?  Make no excuses.  You have renounced the faith after embracing it. ” (9:65-66)

Whoops.  Since the penalty for leaving the faith–apostasy–is death, no wonder Muslim humor doesn’t quite have ’em rolling in the aisles on the Hajj.

Actually, Islamic lore contains a warm tradition of tweaking the religion’s collective beard.  Here’s one hilarious example.  Seems that fun-loving 7th-century tribal leader and poet Abu Shadier once “satirized” Islam with this side-splitting bit of verse directed at various Muslim bigwigs:

My spear shall play havoc with the regiments of Khalid, and I trust thereafter to crush Abu Bakr and Umar.

The laughter had barely died down when Abu Shadier was captured and brought in chains to Medina, whereupon the madcap Muslim repented and was spared an agonizing death and eternal damnation.  Allah knows best!

In the inimitable tradition of Abu Shadier are today’s folks at theMuslim Youth Web, who assure us that “Humor and joking is permitted in Islam. However it must be done in a good, clean manner.”  To show us just how darn funny the Prophet could be, the website directs us to this uproarious anecdote narrated by none other than Islam’s “It” gal and Mohammad’s favorite child-wife, Aisha:

Some young men from the Quraysh visited Aisha as she was in Mina and they (the audience) were laughing. She said: What makes you laugh? They said: Such and such person stumbled against the rope of the tent and he was about to break his neck or lose his eyes. She said: Don’t laugh for I heard Allah’s Apostle (peace be upon him) saying: If a Muslim runs a thorn or (gets into trouble) more severe than this, there is assured for him (a higher) rank and his sins are obliterated. [Sahih Muslim, #6237]

(In truth, there is at least one pretty funny site dedicated to satirizing Islam–Islamic Humor Unhinged.  Still, scroll down and read the disclaimer.  While we’re at it, does anyone else have sites we could check out?)

As for non-Muslims, our multi-culti mullahs have become so humorless they make Ayatollah Sistani look like Jon Stewart on Comedy Central.  The problem, of course, is that Islamofascism combines two sacred cows (to mix faiths): religion and ethnicity.  Oh, yeah, and since Osama is probably dragging around a dialysis machine from cave to cave, he’s also disabled.  And homeless, too…?

Still, when you have “analysts” like Michael Scheuer, a.k.a. “Anonymous” describing the lanky mass-murderer as a

genuinely pious Muslim; a devoted family man…and an individual of conviction, intellectual honesty, compassion, humility, and physical bravery

it’s no wonder we’re not seeing too many metaphorical whoopie-cushions slipped under the Saudi’s robes  (“Oh, Osama–not in the cave, for Allah’s sake!”).  We can only look with envy on the World War II generation and such classics as Disney’s “Der Fuehrer’s Face,” to which Sean Fitzpatrick at Logomachonkindly links us.

As I’ve written before–and Team America’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone clearly understand–laughter is an essential weapon in our war against Islamofascism.  But more than that:  these imams and clerics and sheiks with their grim, self-important puritanism, medieval shari’a code, and bizarre conspiracy theories–Lo! By Aisha’s camel!–they are just so damn funny…

UPDATE:  Perhaps this is one reason why we’re not lampooning Islamic pretentiousness–and this doesn’t come from politically-correct Canada or Berkeley, but Australia. (Thanks to Cella’s Review.)

UPDATE II:  Seems there are humorous Islamic websites out there, at least in a manner of speaking.  Check out Sean Fitzpatrick’s comments to this post for a small list.  Meanwhile, an imam, a camel and a halal butcher walk into a bar…

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