Our Man in Waziristan II

March 17, 2005 // by admin


Last January, I composed a post arguing that Mr. Brilliant Terror Master Himself, Osama bin Laden, might actually be serving the overall geo-political interests of Great Satan through his own megalomanical overestimation of his charisma, power and historic situation.  In other words, the God Complex, kicking in big time.

As one of my proofs, I noted ObL’s annointment of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi as his “emir” in Iraq–an appointment destined to reduce the Wahhabi’s Q-rating in the Land Between the Rivers to less-than-zero.  Especially as the Iraqi civilians casualty figures mounted.  But of course, as Michael Scheuer reminds us over and over again, Osama is just so brilliant and pious andpatient and oh-so-able to run rings around the hapless U.S. that he couldn’t have made such a stupid, stuipd mistake–

Except he did.  And it hasn’t been lost for a moment on the Iraqi people.  I don’t have any hard evidence for this supposition–just an exemption from the CIA analysts’ equivalent of the Stockholm Syndrome to which Mr. Scheuer seemed to have succumbed after studying ObL for so many years–but now we see via Instapundit this short piece fromStrategypage.  (I direct you to Instapundit, where Mr. Reynolds also links to an e-mail from Iraq that is a must-read.)  Osama and his Z-Man proxy are undermining their own cause, and helping us win the war.  These are the all-mighty great terror strategists?



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