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They are terrified lest elections prove contagious and spread to Iraq’s neighboring states and peoples.  The danger to certain Arab governments, whose position has become almost identical to that of bin Laden and al-Zarqawi, is not the alleged “Shiite crescent,” or a theocratic and religious “non-Arab” government in Iraq, but the democratic “weapon of mass destruction” that could destroy the structure of tyranny and backwardness that weighs heavily upon the chests of their peoples.

— Salama Neemat, Washington correspondent for the daily Al-Hayat

(David Hirst, Daily Star)


[T]he patience of the Iraqi majority about the crimes committed by the Arab terrorists, who are possibly being supported by some Sunni clerics, will eventually run out, and the world must then be prepared for their angry response.

—  Hassan Hanizadeh, Tehran Times


Insha’allah, We will win.  The Iraqi Coalition shall win, [Sunni-born Iraqi Defense Minister Hazem] Shaalan shall get nothing, and we shall have insha’allah a strong security force made of children of the martyrs of the south, and go after the Sunni killers and destroy them.

Ya Allah

Ya Mohammad

Ya Ali

— “ali (the real ali)”, commenting on a post appearing on the website Words from Iraq

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