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I’t’s 6:30 a.m. EDT, I’ve spent the last hour trolling the ‘net looking for Iraqi election information.  It seems we’re in a lull, not suprising since one of the glories of democracy is that it’s actual process is rather dull (even, apparently, with the threat of car bombs and assassination), as opposed to mind-numbing cathedrals of light and gargantuan eagles and other Speerian flourishes.

I do have some initial thoughts, which I’ll organize into a better post soon.

We should expect a low Sunni turn-out.  Why?  Well, we know, right?  The so-called “Sunni boycott.”  But, no–that is wrong!  The majority of Sunnis want to vote–what the Sunni “leadership” has done is no boycott, but old-fashioned vote suppression. They didn’t boycott the vote, they suppressed it with gunmen and homicidal martyrs.  Saying, “The Sunnis refused to vote because their leaders organized a boycott” would be similar to arguing that blacks in the South after the Civil War refused to vote because they agreed with lynchings and Jim Crow laws.  I am kicking myself for not realizing this rhetoric trap earlier.  Score one for the anti-Iraqi forces.

Oh yes, can we now call the fascist paramilitaries “anti-Iraq?”  (Credit:  Chrenkoff)  They garnered enormous legitimacy posing as fighters against “foreign occupation”–now it is clear–even to the left, or should be, at least–who they truly oppose:  average Iraqis.

Speaking of average Iraqis and democracy–check out the photographs of people going to vote.  (I don’t have time for links at the moment.)  This is the true beauty of democracy–you, me, millions and millions of people around the world care so much that everyday Iraqis are voting.  They are the heroes of the day!  And to think, less than two years ago, they were unknown, unseen, unheard, blotted out by the abysmal shadow of Saddam Hussein.  That is Democracy:  power–and visibility–and identity–to the people!

More later.  I’m contacting Nour in a few minutes to get the situation in Basra.


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